Lean 90 Challenge

It’s no mystery that many of us struggle to stay consistent with nutrition. It’s tough! Life has its way of intervening and knocking our progress off track.
Furthermore, there’s a lot of information saturating your news feeds, and it can be overwhelming!

“What’s healthy? What’s not? Am I eating too much? Am I eating too little? When should I eat? How many meals per day? Macro…what?!”

If you’re struggling with your nutrition, motivation, accountability, feel lost, or you just want to enhance your current results, I encourage you to sign up for the LEAN 90Challenge!

Not only did our previous participants lose body fat, weight, and inches around their waist, but they also built healthy habits that were maintainable long after the 90 days.

For example, take our Female Winner from the previous challenge, Megan H.

Megan is a mother, wife of a police officer, and works full-time. Prior to the challenge she struggled to lose stubborn weight after her pregnancy. Here’s what she had to say about the program:

[“Working out was the easiest part, but making healthy food choices is what I needed the most guidance on. It was great to have the support of other participants throughout the challenge. Concepts from the challenge opened my eyes new ways of thinking about how the right types of food can be beneficial to my progress.”]

We are currently accepting sign ups for our upcoming LEAN90 Challenge! Like Megan, you do not have to go at this journey alone!

What to expect during the challenge:

-Access to our private Facebook group

-Weekly “Mini-Challenges” to build healthy habits

-30,60, and 90-day check-in’s to help with accountability

-Motivation, support to stay consistent

-Male, Female and Spirit Award Winners